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Working backwards

[insert my usual reference to "Jaws viewed backwards is about a shark that throws people up 'til they open the beach"]

I'm home. I was, from most recently to a while ago:
* In my bed
* On the road
* In Cannon Beach, OR eating crab
* On the road
* In Long Beach, WA looking at a gray whale skeleton
* On the road
* In Seattle
* The recipient of perhaps the quickest-written and -delivered parking ticket ever
* In the home of my cousin Amy/Max/"Maximy" Walsh
* In a different bed, one of two beds Max's house has
* Watching a burlesque show
* Watching a burlesque documentary (talked about in the same link as above)
* In the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum

...and I will use these quick descriptors as prompts to write more later!

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