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I'd be waiting for the caffeine to kick in, but I don't use caffeine in the morning

Last night I got two of the non-Oregon sights I've been strangely craving: fireflies and an electrical storm. I took some time in the evening to sit under a tree in T.J. and Cindy's front yard and watch the quiet bugs loll around; soothing, it was. Much later, after everyone else was asleep, I sat at the window watching first the sheet lightning, then more and more bolts; later, while I was in bed, the rainburst started. As I once indelicately put it during a similar East Coast downpour, "Mother Nature's water broke." We even lost power for a bit. Meanwhile, my mind had trouble shutting down; lots of thoughts, and the crashes and flashes from outside didn't help. Oh, well. I did sleep, eventually, and I know because I had a dream that incorporated both Lord of the Rings/Narnia imagery and something about "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Cindy's taking the morning off again; she's still sick, unfortunately (though she had seemed to be better yesterday). T.J.'s staying home to care for the boys, same as he did yesterday morning. Cindy's kept her sense of humor, like her fascination with Anne Coulter's Adam's apple.

Later today I'll rent a car for the weekend shenanigans festivities. They start tonight with the rehearsal dinner in a restaurant at Reston Town Center, where most of the guests are staying. The guests will be the first adults I've seen in a non-business way since T.J. and Cindy! Cindy and the boys were also planning to meet friends at a picnic today, but we're not likely to go now.

As for the kids, Robbie's really warmed to me (yay!), while Eric has been, shall we say, less impressed. They are a handful, trying to get into many things or whipping between emotional states like manic-depressive chihuahuas; oy, it's hard to do more than say "Don't do this" or "Don't touch that," and be positive instead of continually telling them what they can't do. And not point out to them some of the moments when they're making no sense, like when the boys and I were drawing on a big dry-erase and I started to erase lines Cindy had drawn, the lines Row, row, row your boat/ gently down the stream...and Eric got upset and told me he didn't want me to erase that, but never telling me during THE SEVERAL SECONDS I TOOK TO SLOWLY ERASE THE THING IN FULL VIEW OF HIM. Oh, well.

I'm more and more admiring how T.J. and Cindy keep their patience and sense of humor working. Of course, they're used to 4-year-olds; I'm not, and I've probably conveniently forgotten a lot of what I was like at 4 years old. Would that knowledge even help? My knowledge of How Kids Are is more intellectual than emotional; my brother and his wife have both types of knowledge. (And they don't dwell on stuff, Chris. You do. You know that kids have dramatic mood swings; you've seen it; you've written about it; but you act as if the boys will only ever be problems, when they can be and often are joys.)

So here's a happy thing from yesterday: While Eric napped (he's been under the weather, too), Cindy and Rob relaxed on a guest bed in the computer room while I typed stuff on the computer, in big letters for Rob to see from across the room. Cindy told me to type "Giant Tickle Monster"; I did; the two of them recite each word slowly, then she attacked, tickle-tickle-tickling Rob, and he laughed. Then I erased that and wrote "Happy Hugging Mother." They recited those words, and then they hugged. I did that on purpose, to give Robbie a break. Tickling can wear you out.

Waking up straight from a dream, as I'm pretty sure I did this morning, can wear you out, too. OK, Chris, you are clean and dressed and presentable; get on with things.
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