Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Yesterday morning my plan (so cunning one could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel (man that's a fun phrase)) was to get the heck to the Oregon Coast and splurge on a hotel room for the night. Around when I reached Long Beach, Washington and saw both the mass expanse of the Pacific and the exhumed gray whale skeleton near that beach, I started to think that maybe I was more in the mood to get home that night. This feeling got stronger as I headed farther south. I had the feeling I'd be getting a room just for the sake of doing so; did I really feel like spending the night near the beach?

Another splurge was in order. Said splurge was full crab, which I ate at the Ecola Restaurant and Market in Cannon Beach. Experienced crab eater theloriest would probably be amused by the mess I made, but it was worth it. It was a flavorful mess, and I'm all for those. It's food you earn, with elbow grease and cracking stuff, and I don't do that enough. I probably missed some crab meat somewhere (how much of the body meat is okay to eat?). I also better understood why imitation crab meat (which, honestly, I've probably eaten more than true crab) was invented, 'cause, again, WORK.

This being a big world with much to interest people, the TVs in the restaurant were showing soccer on Telemundo. And soccer remains a bigger endurance trial than eating crab. I mean playing it, not watching it. I'm not that active of a spectator. Also, I honestly wondered at first if one of the commentators on the game was Headline News's Chuck Roberts. No, but there was a resemblance. (I watched a lot of Headline News in high school.)

I also splurged on smoked scallops and smoked salmon, now in my fridge and awaiting my future eat-age. More reminders of the Coast. And I'm happy that I finally got back to the Oregon Coast for the first time since a long, good weekend in May 2007.

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