Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In other Seattle news,

I ate well. My taste buds, my stomach and my bowels all agreed.

One time it was a fancy Vietnamese dinner that Max's parents, Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy Walsh, sprang for on Sunday night; another time it was Mexican food from a converted bus. (Now I want to get food from a converted plane. Ooo! How 'bout a converted sub?) And one lunch was a nice butternut squash and a decent Southwestern salad from Specialty's Café and Bakery in downtown (cute barista was a bonus, as I'm sure you're not surprised I noticed). Before that, while in Olympia, my first night there was homemade spaghetti (thank you, Mike and Nancy!), next day's lunch was a homemade ham sandwich, and that night's meal was at Old School Pizzeria, which has character, plus 70s and 80s posters up the wazoo. Let's see: the place's posters include the Superbowl Shuffle, Neil Diamond, the original TRON, the Farrah Fawcett (is further describing necessary?), many many many baseball and football pennants, and a Manhattan skyline that still had the World Trade Center. Sometimes surroundings enhance food. This can also happen with greasy food. (I actually had a small salad, but it was greasy, too. The principle applies.)

P.S. I am slightly amused that, as far as I can remember, I have yet to get Starbucks in Seattle. I have no objection to Starbucks, mind you (and my friend Matthew Kaplan manages one on Hawaii's big island), but going to Seattle to get Starbucks seems besides the point. MAYBE going to the original Starbucks would have some cachet, but still, it seems like a reach to me.

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