Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Be better.

Kind of a sad day on the 'Nets*. Seems to be an odd, off day for a lot of us. A difficult day. Or as shadesong more succinctly put it, "What's with *today* today?"

Thus today should be declared a Be Better Day. How to be better? Figure it out. I'm not the boss of you, and you know you better than I do, so your definition of Be Better will be something that fits you.

I'll be useful, which is still possible on a vacation day. Maybe I'll better codify what Be Better means for me. The point, I think, is to be positive. Helpful. Hopeful. These are good skills.

Be Better, everyone. You can.

* If this is also a sad day for the New Jersey Nets, I wouldn't know. You know which 'Nets I mean.
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