Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More power!


After my 14-year-old electric shaver* finally died last week, I spent several days getting hairier before going shaver shopping. (I'd also been getting hairier on my Washington trip, simply because I hadn't brought the shaver along. Full-er disclosure and all that.) I found one (as well as a separate little nose hair trimmer, because I am officially old I could use some cleaning-up there), unpacked it Sunday, let it charge for 24 hours per the opening-use instructions, then a few minutes ago fired it up.

Ah, there's the difference between 14 years old and zero years old. The shaver was all HAIR HAIR GIMME HAIR YUMMY HAIR I'LL GRAB SOME HAIR, HAIR-HAIR-HAIR-HAIR. It got hair. I switched to the lift-up hair trimmer to do the preliminary, um, weeding, so that the remaining hairs would be shorter and the shaver wouldn't grab those so enthusiastically.

In other news, I can be amused by shaving. Never thought that would happen.

* A graduation gift back in 1996 from my then-girlfriend Alicia. She preferred me clean-shaven, and I was happy to oblige. My look works clean-shaven or VanDyked. Be-VanDyked? Is that the correct term?

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