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My Day So Far

Now this works: I got to drive today, I've eaten well at lunch, and now I can listen to The Don & Mike Show (well, at least "The Best of Don and Mike": the current clip is Don & Mike both pretending to be Larry King while interviewing Al Roker, who was pretty game and played along and got some good jokes in). Good. Here we go.

T.J. dropped me off at the car rental place this morning, where I picked up what will be my car through Monday: a red Chevy Aveo, which Monik at the office described as "Neon-sized." While T.J. headed off for a picnic with his boys -- and to give sick Cindy lots of time to rest -- I started driving.

I went past both my family's former homes in Vienna and Oakton, I stopped a couple of times at Fair Oaks Mall (if building shopping malls on Civil War battlesites is as bad as building homes on old Indian burial grounds, the place is screwed), and I looked over at Marie and Glen's house (they're Marryin' Tarah's parents, you see) to see if anyone was there. Nope; they were darting and jumping across Reston preparatory to tonight's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

There was one disappointment, which was that Roy Rogers Restaurants are almost totally cleared out of Fairfax County. You have to go to Franconia, Alexandria, Leesburg or Manasses Park to go to one and its Fixin's Bar (put on your own toppings! Knock yourself out!), so my first plan for lunch was denied. (Denied!) But I had a nice gazpacho and a good spinach salad at a cafe in Lake Anne in north Reston, instead, so that was worth it.

On a happier note, my nephew Robbie would like to type something: robbie

There! (This is me writing again. Actually Robbie was more interested in erasing things. Oh well.)

I'm chilling before I take another shower, get dressed all dressy and stuff, and head to the first night of festivities. Unless someone's not telling me something, I'm not going to a bachelor party.
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