Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Rough Draft of Air

(That title: it must mean something. I hope I find it.)

Remnants of last night's winds remain here. It got blustery; power-knocked-out-to-at-least-8,500-people blustery. (My power stayed on.) Cloud-wisps are moving fast past my window. I am thankful there is enough light in the sky at this hour for me to see them.

This is a post wherein I, mainly, check in and say "Hi, I'm still here." Excuse me, now I'm off to ignore radio commercials that annoy me. A fair number of them do. I'm willing to turn off the radio when they run, then turn it back on after they've passed. I think I'm being more careful to avoid annoyance. I hope I'm also avoiding being annoying.

Stay warm, everyone in places that are still trying to get warm.
Tags: portland, radio

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