Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

You're good. You get a locked entry. (And hey, it's relationship-related!)

Whether I'll write anything worth locking is another question, but I feel like writing under Friends-Lock.

I am seriously considering asking out a Certain Someone via Facebook. I am also seriously aware that that's probably a bad tactic. She's part of the crew that goes to Cort and Fatboy's Midnight Novies, and I've had some nice dealings with her over the past year, and we follow each other on Facebook though nowhere else online. I'd like to know her better, and have more nice dealings with her, and be honest that I'm interested in her but if she's not interested or available then I'll accept that and go on, and hope that one of these days I get interested in someone both interested and available. Maybe/probably just being friends is the most likely outcome, and I don't want to bollocks up that. Plus the idea of flat-out hitting on someone online pushes my "creep" buttons, and I don't want to be that Creep. (I can flirt, but with people I'm already closer to. It should be a comforting thing, flirting.) So I'll hope I have run-ins with her to have more one-on-one interaction, see if friendship or more-than-friendship can possibly happen. I also don't want to ask our mutual friends "Hey, is [redacted] available?" I need to do find this out on my power. Asking around seems like an easy way out.

(In other news, Spell Check recognizes "bollocks." This amuses me more than it should.)

I'll figure this out. She should be worth figuring out.

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