Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Is the morning good? Let's find out...

Sleep happened. No dream report: don't remember enough to make one even semi-coherent. But sleep happened, and that's the important thing.

Having not gone supermarket grocery shopping this weekend, I got milk from the corner store, and it's the little Darigold 16-oz. bottle where the milk tastes a little sweeter than I'm used to, like it has more sugar. It's 2% whereas I usually drink 1%, but I don't think it's that 1% making the difference. Odd. To me.

I feel like sharing a review I posted in the depths of this weekend, my thoughts (finally) after most recently seeing Raising Arizona. I still had that partly completed from November. Now it's completely completed.

For more amusing writing, there's cleolinda's smartassed write-up "Clash of the Titans in 15 Minutes." This should relieve your need to see the actual film. I wound up contributing a phrase in the comments that amused at least one other person.

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