Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Late-night food ACHIEVED.

Drove downtown, found and used a surprising parking space, and walked around, including a couple of blocks along the Willamette, on my way to having a cheese sauce-, grilled pepper- and French fry-covered turkey sandwich from, yes, Big-Ass Sandwiches. Brian Wood and one of their "other guys" (the cart has two more employees now) were there; Lisa Wood was home, likely sleeping. I hung out, shooting the breeze with Brian and a couple of pedicab drivers. Portland has a burgeoning pedicab system, especially for late-night rides for drunk people. "Portland's better for pedicabs than Seattle," I said. One of the drivers mentioned that sometimes customers actually willingly pedal him around!

I may have had the first Big-Ass Sandwich of the cart's late-night Friday schedule. Others came along to partake as well. I'm glad I treated myself. (I also treated myself to a guava Jarritos. My sweet tooth wanted some love, too.)

Home now. Sleep eventually.
Tags: portland

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