Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


There's a different kind of annoyance to being earwormed by frickin' radio ads.

They're insidious little buggers. They're quick, having to make their points quickly, and (if you still listen to commercial radio like I do) repeated repeated repeated like mad. And there are very. very few of them that are actually good. It is possible to get earwormed on a good song, and I remember that there are far more good songs than there are good radio ads.

As this should make evident, I like to remember and recite, and when it's a good ad -- like a lot of the Burgerville radio ads -- I get some pleasure out of remembering and reciting them. BUT THIS ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS. I start remembering an ad, then I remember that I don't actually like it and have to fight my tendency to recite it. I try to drive them out by remembering catchy songs, but it's as if the ads are residing in a different part of my brain than the part that remembers songs. Yesterday was a mental battle between the Progressive radio ads ("Flo here!") and "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen. Both stayed in my head, instead of the ads going away. THIS IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD HAVE WORKED.

Mental real estate shouldn't have so many ads in it. (Now I just imagined companies buying ad space IN OUR HEADS.) Argh.
Tags: music, radio

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