Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


OK, so I didn't rest well. Had I been writing this earlier, I'd be adding *grumble grumbles*, mainly due to pain and to lack of sleep, but ibuprofen knocked out the shoulder ache that bothered me most of the night and I now feel reasonably decent.

My rental car is back to the rental place, which is good because later it might've floated away. We're getting storms with flood warnings in Northern Virginia. Stretches of at least three freeways have been closed so far this morning due to the weather; Cindy has weather radio on and plans to stay put.

Later I'll pick up most of my pictures from the wedding. I shot five color rolls and two black and white rolls; the type of B&W film I used can't be processed in the one-hour photo machines, so those'll have to wait. The young woman who helped me at the camera store last night when I dropped these off let me know the type of B&W film that can; it has "Process C-41" written on it. Duly noted for the future. Meanwhile, by tonight I'll have MOST of the shots, and this is good.

Cindy and the boys and I had fun this morning making towers out of foam blocks and running remote control cars into them, plus making Hot Wheels car leap off of a ramp.

Busy day, y0 (he said restfully)...

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