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I've been a bit conflicted about KINK FM's replacing most nights of "Lights Out" -- the quiet-music-at-day's-end music block that the station's had since at least 1984 -- with "The Lounge After Hours," replays of songs from the station's archive of live musical performances. I like "Lights Out" -- now reduced on the radio to Sunday nights, but streaming online 24 hours a day as soothing music can be useful any time of the day, I guess -- and it's been a big part of KINK FM's identity. The station is now owned by Alpha Broadcasting, and, well, I've been mad at the company before, which is continuing to say "We'll be local we'll be local we'll be local" while firing longtime employees left and right, so I don't know how much of this change was wanted by the station or if it was ordered by Alpha's corporate heads. I can't know (so THAT PREVIOUS SENTENCE WAS JUST SPECULATION DON'T SUE ME). Initially I wondered if the station would go half-and-half eventually, do the live music recaps from 10 to 11 and go back to "Lights Out" from 11 to midnight. Looks like "The Lounge After Hours" is sticking around, though.

And tonight it meant that I finally, finally, re-heard a song played live on KINK nearly a decade ago.

David Gray visited the station for the first time in 2001, supporting his album White Ladder. I heard that session when it first aired. The song that stuck with me was his nothing-but-piano-chords rendition of "Please Forgive Me." It stuck with me because of how stark it was without the lovely synth orchestration the original has...and the song worked as nothing but a few chords. It was as stripped as it could be without getting rid of lyrics, and it was lovely. My kind of stark. (I considered saying "My kind of stripped," but that might have a double meaning.)

Okay, if KINK FM's "The Lounge After Hours" can keep happily surprising me like that, I'll likely grow into liking it more. Though the station can't surprise me too much with this: a lot of the songs are also on the KINK Live CDs that the station's done each year since 1998, and I have all 12 of those CDs. It's a worthy collection of CDs, I tells you.

You can still happily surprise me, KINK FM. I hope you keep doing so.
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