Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I need more icons that are green

"There's a whole lot of green here."

It's like the green switch got flipped. This dreary winter and semi-winter/semi-spring Portland's had for a while seems finally, finally, to be reaching full-fledged spring, but for a while, we weren't as green as we usually are. But a couple of days ago I was walking to a bus stop and noticing, finally really truly noticing, all the green blooming things. And feeling relief that the green got turned on. I thought what's in the quote that begins this entry. I know you wondered who had said it.

All that moisture we got (some water, a little snow but not nearly as much as other parts of the country got, rain, the usual) is once again paying off! It perked me up, definitely. Blooms do that, too, as do the other spring smells that went from potential smells during the last season to actualized smells this season. As they do each spring.

The thing is, I think I extra-need this spring. I need it more. My friend popfiend refers to being "solar-powered," and I think to an extent I am, responding well to the sun. Well, except when I burn. I'm also green-powered, so thank goodness that even in the winter my region is lousy with evergreens. (The first Twilight film was shot in this area in the winter. Still pretty green here even then.) And now there's more green to work with. I can get behind that.

No profundity this morning. But my ability to use "profundity" properly may mean I can be profound at other times, hmm?

Have a good day. If there's sun, enjoy it. If there's green, appreciate it.

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