Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The funds to function

When I went to last year's Stumptown Comics Fest, I wasn't working. I think I got NOTHING at that con that wasn't free.

What a relief to feel I can buy stuff. And buy stuff, I have. I've also visited with Dylan Meconis and her partner (an attorney who specializes in helping artists navigate legal issues), Bill Mudron (I bought his "Oceanic Airlines Safety Guide"), David Walker, Barry Deutsch, and Sarah Oleksyk, who drew a picture of Cerberus as a pug. A three-headed pug. I was NOT surprised to see pug owner Bobbie Winchell later, walking away from Oleksyk's table with a purchased copy of that art.

I also saw and hugged lovelyangel. Good to see her.

Line of mine I'm proud of from the con: "If only we could pay with scintillating conversation!"

I'm home right now, getting caffeinated before heading out for the Comic Art Battle. I'll be back at Stumptown tomorrow, too.

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