Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The funds to function, Part Two

More use of my earned money for good: yesterday, after meaning to for a while, I became a member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The organization supports artists in free-speech disputes. Neil Gaiman's a huge supporter of it. I'm a much, much smaller supporter, but I don't have Neil Gaiman's money. Still, I can do something.

And this morning, after an attempt yesterday to pre-order the first book collection of quirkybird's webcomic Family Man was "thwarted" (quirkybird's words) by a cranky laptop, I placed that pre-order. The book will be shipped to my July 2010 self. quirkybird, by the way, is local artist and history supporter Dylan Meconis, who first got a fan base through her fun vampires-in-the-French-Revolution webcomic Bite Me!. She's also internet-famous for her drawings of the Battlestar Galactica cast done Simpsons-style. Katee Sackhoff possesses a copy of Meconis's Starbuck. She's a neat person.

I'll be back to Stumptown Comics Fest this afternoon. Among other things, Meconis and Kate Beaton (both artists Mike Russell directed me to, by the way, and I'm glad he did) will lead a panel talking about weirder facts from history called "History Is Interesting."
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