Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Spawned by the sight of a Serenity lunchbox

Fun with Twitter from last night, because Vancouver, WA's Carrie C. had this to say:

Carrie: This lunchbox will make me the coolest kid on the playground. []
Me: "Take my lunch, take my ham, take my treat of marzipan..."
Carrie: "I don't care, my lunch is free! You can't take this pie from me-e-e-e..."
Me: "Apple tart, Easy Mac, Wednesday's good for getting snacks..."
Carrie: "No canned ham or boiled peas, you can't take my fries from me-e-e-e..."
Me: This has been fun.
Carrie: I'm going to have to sing that version while I carry my NEATO LUNCHBOX.
Tags: firefly/whedon

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