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The work of humor

It's an effort to be funny. Humor is learned; maybe it's there, like a muscle, but it has to be developed. Or, if it's not there, it needs to be grafted on and given a chance to take root. Maybe it's watered with vodka or something. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong.

In other news, I've tried to be funny. It's been...not-as-easy. And my inner editor is being brutal about jokes: That's too inside, that's too niche, that takes too long to explain so explaining it would kill the joke, that's going overly surprise people, that's only going to confuse people... And so on. So much editing happens. Slows down my joke delivery. Plus I've felt a little slow lately just on general principles. At times like this it's good for me to be quiet. I feel that being not-quiet, I'd make it a little overly obvious the ways in which I'm odd. And without the being-funny thing to ease it, I'd just be odd. And I want to be more than that.

I once decided this: you only truly know a language when you can joke in it. Thinking that makes me wonder how many jokes are in computer languages. Those have got to exist. As for me, I do know English. I even can actually joke in it.

Otherwise, not much to report. May there be more to report later. And funnier ways to report it.
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