Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The first time I've blogged about bananas

When it comes to bananas, the trip from grocery store to my belly doesn't usually take a week and a half.

But apparently a couple of bananas in a bunch that I bought TWO SUNDAYS AGO were mutant bananas, or bananas stuck in a bubble of Slow Time. The other bananas in the bunch were ripening on schedule, so they got eaten just fine, then I figured that maybe the coloring on the peel of one of the remaining bananas didn't reflect the inner state of the banana so I tried eating it and BLUGH EWW NOT GOOD. Rough and flavorless. I abandoned that banana. On octoberland's advice I put the last banana in a paper bag and waited. And waited. Today the peel was still greenish, but with hints of headed-towards-yellow, so I ate it and...phew. Banana-flavored banana. Finally edible. And now, uh, edible'd.

So. Late bloomers, or just random food luck? My stomach doesn't care, even if my surprised mind does.

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