Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Surprising realization about blowjobs

It's dawned on me that possibly, maybe, my first exposure to the concept of the blowjob? FROM THE FILM VERSION OF THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP.

There. At least half my readership just cringed. The half that didn't cringe, I'll spare you, but you maaaaaaaay be able to guess. (And you should see the film anyway. It's a good one. Good book, too.)

What I'm sayin' is, I somehow had a mental block for years about what a blowjob actually involved, and I really didn't get it until I saw it drawn, in a Heavy Metal comic. And at some level I went "Oh, NOW I get it..."

This despite the scene in Ruthless People where Danny DeVito's Sam Stone picks up the phone and says "Hello? Debbie? Yeah, Debbie's here, who's this? Well, Ralph, uh, Debbie can't talk right now, my dick's in her mouth. How about if I have her call you back later when I'm done?" Sam Stone then hangs up and says "I love wrong numbers." There! It was described to me and I didn't "get" it. I couldn't picture it. (Interestingly, I could more easily picture what can be done to a woman. Remember The Kentucky Fried Movie? Heh.) It was one of the ways I was clueless, or distracted, or just not paying attention.

And maybe, maybe, I thought of, um, THAT scene and had a part of my mind go "No, NOT going there."

This has been TMI with this guy.

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