Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More re: yesterday

Not only did I attend Free Comic Book Day yesterday, I treated myself to dinner at the Moon & Sixpence. Also inadvertently treated myself to music. An ensemble of people on guitars and cello were playing in the pub. Sometimes I kept time to what they were playing and singing. Oh: so that's what "Sweet Georgia Brown" sounds like. I'd heard the tune, but not heard it by name before yesterday. More is now known.

I also had good luck catching buses and Max trains. The longest I had to wait for one was four minutes. Most of them I caught in less than a minute. One time that required running, but I can do that when needed.

After getting home, I finished Gregory Maguire's Wicked sequel Son of a Witch -- lovely, sad book, though I preferred Wicked -- and saw the final episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Took just over two years, on and off, for me to watch the whole series. (I checked. My 2008 self documented when I started.) The seventh season of Buffy was, frustratingly, a not-quite-soup season: several episodes felt like they'd needed a few more rewrites to smooth out their stories. The show was trying to do different things, but not always working: the episode "Him" tried, I thought, too hard to be wacky, and as funny as Buffy could be, it had trouble being wacky. From what I've seen and heard, the final season of Angel more consistently succeeded in being offbeat while working well dramatically; I wonder if the show runners had learned some lessons from Buffy Season 7. But the actual Buffy finale -- which I'll finished watching with creator Joss Whedon's commentary today -- still mostly works for me, even after the frustrations of the season overall. I wish it had been a smoother ride to that finale, but a particular moment, especially with the music that's used for it -- a key part of the finale's score goes into sweeping Last of the Mohicans territory -- reminded me why I've been fond of this show.

So: a good day, for a few more reasons.
Tags: firefly/whedon, music, peregrinations, portland

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