Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Wrapping up

And here is a still-rather-tired transcriptions supervisor announcing that today will be his last day in Northern Virginia. I fly home tonight. I then TAKE TOMORROW OFF. ALL OF IT. (Sorry, Audrey.) I had seriously considered working for part of Thursday, like a half-day, but I need recovery time. ("Gee," said T.J., deadpan, "I can't imagine why.") Friday I'll be back at work -- plus I'll meet up with Dad and show him a couple of parts of OHSU -- but I'll do my best to ease back into my day-to-day life.

Accomplishments of the last couple of days:

* Last night I got to Glen and Marie at their place, and showed them the color pictures from the wedding festivities, and they are very happy with them. They informed me that Tarah and John got delayed by hours leaving Dulles for Chicago, their first stop on their way to Shanghai. Patricia, a cousin of Tarah's from France who is staying with the Grants, also appreciated the shots, although she was speaking French which she's most comfortable speaking so maybe she was saying "I would like to feed your fingertips to the wolverines." I doubt it, though.

NOTE TO SELF: Leave Tarah an e-mail about status of black-and-white shots!

* Cindy and I took Robbie to a solo play date yesterday morning at a kids' gym nearby. The boys need more time not with each other, so they don't get as wrapped up in their own special twin-world...and, also, so the gym staff can learn to tell them apart! They'll be in seperate classes next school year; this is an early step towards that, to see how they handle it. (Eric gets his first solo play date tomorrow.)

There was drama. That's because there was rain. As we drove to the gym we could see dark clouds nearby, and while we were rounding up Robbie for the drive home the skies (once again) opened. Le deluge! I had the bright idea of pulling the van up to the gym's entrance; I then had the stumbling-around-the-controls-of-someone-else's-car experience of accidentally LOCKING THE SLIDING SIDE DOORS TO LET THE BOYS IN, and Cindy has no idea why it isn't working and I have no idea why it isn't working and the kids are worried and the rain's not stopping and we're all drenched and weary by the time we pull out of the parking lot. I started to sing "Four Drowned Rats" to the tune of "Three Blind Mice" but stopped, figuring Cindy wouldn't appreciate it. But we did laugh about it. Really soon, too, in fact. It broke the tension. Toweling off and changing clothes and loading up the washing machine and warm lunch followed, and things were all better.

* Oh, and before the picking-up-Robbie drama, Cindy figured out a scavenger hunt game that we played with Eric, and he really took to it happily. (One of us adults would keep the boy occupied in the family room, while the other scattered a few toys throughout the kitchen, then wrote on a dry-erase board a sentence saying where each toy was. Then we'd get the boy to follow the clues to the toys. We tried it later after Robbie was home, but because Eric was experienced at it and Robbie was still learning, Eric kept finding each toy before Robbie could get to it. So Cindy will play it next with Robbie while Eric's happil occupied at the gym.

* We're mostly done eating our Mexican takeout! Yes, you CAN have a satisfying meal with just leftovers.

* Robbie is eyeing the computer. And feeling the sleeve of my shirt. He likes the texture.

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