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Surprisingly apropos

From a film I love, The Fisher King: Lydia (Amanda Plummer) is in Anne's (Mercedes Ruehl) apartment to have her nails professionally done, and they're talking:

Lydia: I think that some people were meant to be alone. This is my theory, that I was a man in another life and I -- used -- women, for pleasure. And now -- I'm paying for it. I wouldn't mind so much...if I could just remember the pleasure parts...

Anne: I think you're getting a little too complicated. What, in your mind, is the real problem here?

Lydia: I don't make an impression on people! At parties I'm always moving the appetizers on the plates so the plates always look full. I never start conversations because I -- I don't know...where to go with them!

Anne: Come on, come on, you can't be so hard on yourself. Look at us. We're having a perfectly...lovely...conversation.

Lydia: I'm paying you.

Anne: Oh would you stop that! I'm not like that, I don't do people favors. If I'm talking to you it's because I want to talk to you. So you're not a supermodel, not all of us can be Jerry Hall. God, what a boring world it would be if we were all Jerry Hall. You're not so invisible! You want a personality? Try this: you can be a real bitch.

Lydia: Really? ...really?

Lydia giggles.

...Seriously, I love that film.

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