Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Nice and goofy...

...that's what Cars was. "Nice" was the first word that came to my mind about it. It's not meant to be earth-shattering, or all that dramatic, just there to amble through amusement and star goofy-looking living vehicles. Nice to have more living vehicles; it can't be all Stephen King's Christine or that 70s kid's show about the magic buggy whose name I can never remember. I can get behind "nice and goofy," which Cars was. And it actually made me laugh at stuff said by Larry The Cable Guy, as Mater.

So I've now seen each Pixar feature. That accomplishment's filled in. I finally got around to it because kradical is writing a Cars comic book. It's about Mater. I told Keith, "This seems a derangedly right assignment for you. :-) Have fun."

And the deleted "community service" dream was pretty funny. Lightning McQueen trying very very slowly to get away is a nice little gag. (There's that word again.)

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