Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Paying respects to the Gulf Coast

Via docbrite: Before the Oil Comes: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Week 5 by Megan Jordan:
Windows of reprieve are secured in 72 hour increments. 72 hours is the maximum length of time the oil spill trajectory map predictions allow.

Residents of the Gulf Coast are living our lives three days at a time.

It is exhausting.

...The residents of the Gulf Coast made their way down to the water’s edge, not to look for signs of oil, but to take in one last deep breath of life as we know it.

We paid our respects.

But just like a stubborn old great-aunt that somehow finds the strength to hold on one more day, despite the fact that you’ve said your tearful goodbyes and have a plane ticket ready to whisk you back home in two days’ time, back to your everyday responsibilities and expectations, our Gulf Coast refuses to die quietly...

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