Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Vacation side effect

I've apparently lost weight. The darting and jumping, camera in hand, plus the chasing-around-my-nephews bidness, apparently cancelled out all of my meals that rich lawyers were paying for last weekend... ;-)

I found myself at about 152-153 pounds this morning. Earlier this month I was in the 156-157 range. But Marie, Tarah's mom, was definitely happy to see me with more weight than in years past: "You looked so worn when you weighed less!" she told me last weekend.

I'll shave before work tomorrow (as I have stubble, but I can't pull off that sexy Dr. House stubble (you're welcome, Dawn)), so then I'll weigh even less. Infintesimally, of course! Measured in grams! (Yes, I'm punchy.)
Tags: peregrinations

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