Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I cringed. And I *LIKED* Grease.

Grease is the word hitting theaters as a sing-along.

The trailer (I won't embed, as a favor to friends who don't like Grease) shows HOW it's been made into a sing-along. It also shows that -- at least in the trailer -- the original footage has been futzed with, too. As a friend pointed out, there are lens flashes where there weren't any before, some of the projected lyrics are in that Garfield-style font (and are animated in often silly ways), and -- here's where things turn blissfully ridiculous -- all of the cigarettes have been digitally erased.

This makes a strange kind of sense. The MPAA considers "smoking" as one of its ratings criteria now. Would the film need to be resubmitted for a rating if the cigs were there? But I digress. (Plus I was trying to make this paragraph funny, and cripes I feel unfunny right now it's resisting, so I'll drop it.)

Of course, erasing the cigs means that hands are still doing smoking-like actions. Actors LOVE smoking, or at least pretending to smoke. Don't actors really like doing stuff with their hands, like Law & Order witnesses still washing dishes as they talk to cops? And you can tell so much about characters by how they handle their hands, which is always happening when they smoke. Remember Pacino lighting the guy's cigarette outside of the hospital in The Godfather? You learn SO MUCH about him then!

So now people are holding two fingers close to their lips with nothing there. Sick minds, activate! What could they do if their fingers are that close to their mouths? BUT THEY DON'T, because it's a PG movie (well, maybe PG-13 once you factor in the smoking) and their fingers are SPLAYED for NO REASON.

Good thing I have a "Blow My Mind" icon for such moments, right?

Silly, silly, silly.

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