Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Bipolar sky

Portland's having a thunderstorm. I saw the thunderclouds rolling in from the Cascade Range this afternoon as I bussed home, and lightning was flashing above East Portland by tonight.

I was driving west while the storm flashed (I'd gone to Eastport Cinemas after work and dinner), and I could see towards an almost clear dusk-tinged sky...while livid, swollen clouds with bolts of electricity arcing out of them could be seen in my rearview mirrors. Cool. And somewhat unsual to have weather moving east to west here, but that's more likely with a thunderstorm, since the Cascade range can, shall we say, corral weather systems. Thank you, Cascades, for helping the weather to be dramatic... (7/4/06 Edit: Actually the storm was moving south-to-north. What made me not realize that was that a bit, but only a sprinkling, of rain fell on my car as I headed west of 82nd Avenue, so I thought the storm was catching up with me. But now the journal agrees with reality. Phew. I feel better. End edit!)

I'd gone to Eastport to see Superman Returns. While I didn't get as wrapped up in it as several of my friends and acquaintances did, I appreciated it. And how perfect was Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor? I've waited years for that casting to happen. (Wasn't Spacey going to be in the Tim Burton Superman?) And it's close to uncanny how Brandon Routh echoes Christopher Reeve, down to the voice.

Another day off tomorrow. There should be music in my day. Not to mention my first use of sunscreen in 2006.
Tags: film reviews, portland

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