Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Mr. Walsh, can you expand on that 'No Comment'?"

Right now I feel like I'm failing at communicating.

I'm second-guessing myself.

I'm also tired and cranky.

I also also don't want to inflict that on people. So I feel weird about talking to people.

As I put it on my Twitter tonight, "Too many of my attempts to be funny tonight are coming out mean instead."

And I had a jerk moment earlier tonight. I went for a walk. A mother and her daughter walked past. I nodded and quietly said "Hi." No acknowledgment. I stopped, turned towards them and said, louder, in my deep-ish voice, "Hello as well." The mom, at least, stopped and looked. I said "Good night," and turned and continued.

NOT the way to deal with someone not noticing you outside, huh?

I want to be acknowledged. I try to acknowledge in return. I wasn't while on that walk. But replying that way doesn't win friends or influence people.

Again: tired and cranky. Trying to be neither. Trying to be better. But I'm having a weak moment.

Sleep so that I'm more ready for Day Next would be good now.

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