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You'd better think twice. At least once more.

A more general ponder tonight. You may want to think on this:

How often do you change your mind about something?

How often do you think about why you think a certain way about a certain thing? Examine the thought, ponder the belief, look at the idea, decide that maybe the idea needs to shift to a different idea, a different way of thinking?

How often do you genuinely decide I'll think differently about [this] now?

How often do you consider that you may, simply, be wrong about something?

Not inspired by anything specific, more a mood. But I can give a more specific example: I'm surprisingly sensitive towards reviewers who, it seems, prepare to review something having already decided they'll feel a certain way towards it, and find the reasons to justify that feeling. In the late 1990s, when I was reviewing films regularly, I tried to pay attention to see if I was starting to do that, so that I could try not to. I've given up on reviewers who, I felt, were doing that and not catching it, or not caring to catch it. (I don't like doing so. It bothered me when I gave up on Film Score Monthly's Andy Dursin, as I'd gotten a lot of pleasure out of his movie and music reviews, but I felt he'd reached that point...and when I re-read his Nineties stuff, I thought I saw examples where he'd started to do that back then.) I'd want to say to them "React, don't pre-act!"

Hey, I like that. React, don't PRE-act!

Meanwhile, I want to put the thought out there: Are we okay with possibly being wrong?

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