Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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A first

Those may have been the first ribs I ever cooked for myself.

Grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, I saw meat specials and picked up two dollars' worth of baby back ribs. Obviously not a lot of ribs (far from a half-rack; maybe an eighth-rack? A sixteenth?), but enough for me. Didn't cook it last night, so I cooked it this afternoon. Kind of a stove-top broil: put it in my largest pan, poured in water, topped the top of the meat with pepper, cilantro (from a container, because I'm lame and don't chop my own) and smoked chipotle Tabasco (a nice touch; I like that sauce) and covered it for that heat-circulation thing. Cooked fries (steak fries! Appropriate!) in another pan. I think I cooked it enough... ;-)

My belly is happy. That helps with overall happy.

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