Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Still wondering "Why do you cry?"?

Question for the ages posed in the next Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie:

I can't really overstate how fond I am of this movie. Have been since 1991. Was already a James Cameron fan and supporter, and a sucker for time-travel stories, and hot for Linda Hamilton, and in my first full year of having virtually unlimited access to films thanks to being 17 and with a car. Oh yes I saw this that summer, and often grinned big while watching its enormous action insanity.

Now I can see it on the big screen again! This Friday (June 4th) at the Bagdad (and that's a BIG screen, understand), doors at 10:00, film at 11:00, thanks to the good offices of Cort, Fatboy, their broadcasting platform, and The Portland Mercury.
Tags: midnight movies, portland

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