Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Free writing, 5/28/2010

Having a chance to write at times I don't usually get to write, and stuff like this comes out:

Don't be portentous.

Or pretentious.

Don't try to sound epic. It'd be trying too hard to do so. Words don't have to be high-calorie. They don't have to be heavy-lifting. They can have weight, they can be fun, they can even frog-jump off the tongue like "obstreperous," but they can use room to breathe. They can use room to be.

Words are your friends. Be a friend to them. Imagine that they like being used: take "jape" off the word-shelf and polish it and use it somewhere. There's "jape," all excited about being activated and put in, shoulder-to-shoulder with a word to the left and a word to the right linked by sound and the eyesight of whomever winds up reading the sentence. Linked like a Hands Across America that worked!

There. You just made that word feel good. It'll get read. It'll do its job. If someone reads it in Braille, the word gets touched. Extra sensation in return! Even words like "good touch."

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