Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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Music! Live and in person!

eustaciavye has asked people for the bands and musicians they've either A) seen or B) want to see before they die. I'll take part!

She suggested giving one-word reviews of each show, but I don't feel like doing that. I may do that later (and, maybe, add to the list of bands I want to see).

By the way, I love how eclectic this is.

The bands and musicians I’ve seen live (in no particular order):
Elton John (my first concert, unless you count Jesus Christ Superstar)
Tori Amos (twice, once as a free concert; other free concerts will be marked with an asterisk like this *)
Lilith Fair 1999 (Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Luscious Jackson, and more…even Sandra Bernhard singing lounge!)
Ani DiFranco
Sleater-Kinney (their final show! At least for now)
*Cowboy Junkies
S.J. “s00j“ Tucker
Tricky Pixie (Sooj, Betsy "stealthcello" Tinney, and Alec James Adams)
Oregon Symphony
Randy Newman
Kris Kristofferson
*Tears For Fears
*John Andrazik of Five For Fighting
*Dave Pirner
March Fourth Marching Band
The Trail Band (project by Marv and Rindy Ross of the 80s band Quarterflash: 19th-century instruments and songs from/inspired by the Oregon Trail era)
Richard Gilewitz
*Anna Nalick
*Suzanne Vega
The Thermals (opening for Sleater-Kinney)
Philip Glass’s live opera of La Belle et La Bete (music played and sung live to Cocteau’s 1946 film)
Stovokor (Klingon thrash metal band. I am not making this up. Hey, you can’t understand thrash metal even when it‘s in English, why not Klingon?)
The Punk Group
Logan Whitehurst (at a Dr. Demento lecture at Reed College)

Bands and musicians to see before I die:
“Weird Al” Yankovic
Mark Knopfler
Lyle Lovett
Regina Spektor
The Decemberists
The Killers
Gorillaz, or something by Damon Albarn
Amy Winehouse. Please, Ms. Winehouse, clean yourself up and figure out how to live in a way that’s not going to kill you.
Storm Large
Helle’s Belles (seriously. All-girl AC/DC tribute band out of Seattle, I think. I‘ve heard they‘re a BLAST.)

Had I compiled this 5 or so years ago I’d’ve said “Meat Loaf,” but I’ve heard how he sounds lately and it’s not pretty.
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