Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Unexpected Time Off Is Unexpected

Here's a thing about my job: the workload can really fluctuate. This week my boss is traveling, and about half of the department is at our company's Seattle office, and so for most of Tuesday and yesterday I had very little to do. When I reached my boss on the phone yesterday (and there was slight, unintentional drama involved in that which I won't post, though slipjig knows what I'm talking about) he said for me to take today and tomorrow off.

I'm not crazy about that, as I hadn't planned for time off and I'm an hourly employee, but I'll make it work. I have personal stuff to do and errand stuff to do, and of course it was nice to sleep in. (And I'll just say my dream images were nice last night.)

This may be the first week I've only worked two days since, well, I wasn't working full time. 2004, maybe; I got fired from my call center job that January and only worked temp or half-time (the half-time gig was my hospital job that later became full-time) for the rest of the year. Kind of a scrambling year, that was. This doesn't compare, obviously, but it reminds me that I've been doing plenty of work in the past several years, and to do so little of it this week is a little discombobulating.

In good news, it's a sunny day here in Portland, after EIGHTEEN FREAKIN' DAYS STRAIGHT of rain. Even hardcore rain-lovin' umbrella-eschewin' Oregonians have gotten sick of it. Today is a good day to have to oneself!
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