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Always a good reminder:

Even failed cooking experiments usually at least taste okay.

I've been a little stagnant in my food-making choices. (I first typo'd that as "stagnanty." That's how Buffy characters would say it!) So I tried the "look in my pantry and see what I haven't been using and use it" thing.

I threw lentils that I'd been meaning to use for a while into a pan, watered it, and seasoned it with garlic and -- here's where it got slightly experimental -- Secret Aardvark habanero sauce. Good, locally-made sauce; Big-Ass Sandwiches has it as an option on its sandwiches, and I usually get it on my sandwiches there. I also have my own bottle of the stuff, and I'd better not be afraid to use it.

I may have used a little too much of the sauce, but nothing I can't handle. And garlic makes many things good. So: I'm getting to eat something I don't usually eat. Go me. I ate some of it, and next I'll cut up some chicken sausage and add it to the bowl and get some meat digesting, too. I said elsewhere online a few minutes ago, "I'm as riveting as rivets tonight, huh?"

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