Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Meme, Day 20!

Day 20 - Favorite movie from your favorite actor/actress
I'm...I'm not sure I really have a favorite actor. (I'm including men and women in that word, because to quote Alfre Woodard, "When did you last go to the doctress?") No one's coming to mind. Okay, this will be a non-answer answer. They happen sometimes. Move on. (And at least I'm not like Lost not answering, or answering a question with another question.)

Day 20 - Favorite kiss
The surprise of C.J. (Amanda Donohoe) and Abby (Michele Greene) kissing on L.A. Law. That kiss meant something: two budding friends suddenly had a potential complication that they had to respond to. In certain ways, I'm not sure prime-time television has progressed much from how that show dealt with bisexuality and other non-hetero-sexuality, and that aired back in 1991.
Tags: memes

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