Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yeah, it was a good day.

It felt like a busy day. At least a busy half-day. I made a blood donation this morning, stopped at Music Millennium’s eastside store, then hung out in the Hawthorne neighborhood for lunch, photo developing and groceries (not too much, because you shouldn’t overexert or lift too much after a draw, of course). Then I drove home, and was napping soon. The draw seemed to take more out of me than normal. I feel fine now, thank goodness.

I had planned to go to the office today for catch-up duty, but in the afternoon decided that I wouldn’t be useful there: I’d need x amount of time to get to OHSU (whether by car or by walking and taking the buses), plus y amount of energy. Really, I was worried I’d fall asleep at my desk. It wasn’t quite what Douglas Adams once called “accumulating impossibilities,” but going to work would’ve been more trouble than it was worth. I’ll go tomorrow morning instead.

Knowing that it was best for me to exert somewhat – I’d’ve fallen asleep early watching a movie, for example, and I’d much rather sleep tonight instead, please and thank you – I finally decided to go shopping, and rode the 17 bus to Trendy-First and Trendy-Third (N.W. 21st Ave. and N.W. 23rd Ave., for you non-Portlanders). I stopped at the other Music Millennium, the one where I saw a free in-store performance by the Cowboy Junkies a few years ago, and found more music, including gifts for some people. (I’m in a gift-giving mood.) So I walked a lot, ate well, drank a lot of non-alcoholic fluids, and generally treated myself well. That’s a successful day, I’d say.
Tags: blood, music, peregrinations, portland

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