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Howdy! I'm the Legendary Stardust Cowboy.

Warning! This song A) is shockingly close to describing my current thought process and B) includes SCREAMING.

Wondering what the hell that was?! From Wikipedia's page about The Legendary Stardust Cowboy,
He recorded "Paralyzed" in 1968 in what was apparently a moment of spare time in a recording studio in Fort Worth, Texas. He played dobro and bugle, while T-Bone Burnett [yes, O Brother Where Art Thou's T-Bone Burnett] played drums. The track features unintelligible snarls, growls, and similar vocalisms, surrounded by frantic strumming on acoustic guitar, Burnett's equally frantic drumming, and occasional yelps of the song's title, "Paralyzed!"
I still wonder if some of the times he says "Paralyzed" he's really saying "Burl Ives." ;-)
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