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Won't be seeing that A-Team movie

I wasn't interested even before hearing Mike Russell deconstruct it on Cort and Fatboy today, let alone his continued ripping of it on this forum here.

The thing is, I was kind of interested in a film version of The A-Team...back when it was going to be directed by John Singleton. The man has fun with action, and with B-movie insanity. Seemed like a good fit. That version was also likely to have Ice Cube as B.A. Baracus; Ice Cube has a charisma that's completely different from Mr. T's charisma, and it's good charisma. I'm hearing the UFC guy who's Baracus in the film...doesn't have that performer's charisma. (Admittedly I'm more a wrestling appreciator who doesn't "get" that Ultimate Fighting/mixed martial arts thing -- wrestling's more theatrical! And it's funnier! -- so I was less likely to "get" Quentin Rampage Jackson, too.)

Another what-might-have-been? John Singleton's films often get scored by David Arnold. I like David Arnold: he can be straight-faced when he needs to (cf. his James Bond scoring), he can tweak his films when he needs to (cf. Hot Fuzz), and he seemed like he'd be a good fit for The A-Team's insanity. (I mentioned that once back when Singleton was still a possibility, and David Cornelius, a.k.a. leonardpart6, said No, the film needs MIKE POST!!!! He didn't actually use that many exclamation points, but they were implied. (Hi, David.))

But I am proud that the film generated this comment from Eric D. Snider: "Look at this A-TEAM publicity photo and tell me you don't think, '...and George W. Bush as Hannibal.'"

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