Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Murder-Mayhem*, in Fictional Form

It's a small relief that I can now get pleasure out of mysteries. I'd rarely gotten much out of them, and didn't gravitate to them. I have, however, gotten interested in Sue Grafton's work, and I just finished "D" Is For Deadbeat. I was intrigued from Page 1 of the first book, which I read New Year's weekend while visiting my friend Alicia in Eugene; she'd borrowed a compendium of the series's first three books from the library, and I read her the first paragraph, and both of us realized this could be something we'd like. I read the first back in April; read Two and Three just last month. The folks have, I think, all of the paperbacks, so I have easy access to more.

I'll pace myself a little more from now on. I do know from multiple fans that the series hits the trap of being predictable to an extent, though Kinsey's charisma and sarcasm probably make that easier to take and Grafton is a good enough author not to fall too thoroughly into that problem. Also, I realized I want to read about more than people being nefarious towards each other. Murder-mysteries require murder, and I don't want to read about murder after murder after murder after murder.

Mom and Dad are fans, and they'd done the visualization thing of "If there were a Kinsey Millhone movie series or TV series, who should play her?" I like Dad's idea of the great Kathryn Erbe from Law and Order: Criminal Intent and, among many other things, Stir of Echoes (where she gets a scene that I like a lot). Let Erbe put on a few more pounds, as Kinsey's not in ripped shape, and she'd fit. She also could pull off the sarcasm and humor. Though Grafton has said she doesn't want film or TV versions and has gone as far as say she'd haunt her family if they sold the rights posthumously, so probably not. No biggie. Plus I could easily see such adaptation being done badly, like by Lifetime, which would probably want more sex in the stories (too bad the J.D. Robb SF-mysteries (which I wrote about here) would cost too much for Lifetime to do!). The books will still exist.

* "Murder-Mayhem" is the way a reporter I used to work with in Hermiston, Oregon would refer to anything nefarious. Said reporter seemed a little too eager to use the phrase. The term remains lodged in my head a decade later.
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