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Another effort to help the Gulf Coast

In this entry, Gulf Coast appreciator chefcdb writes about the oil disaster and throws his New Orleans restaurant's support behind The Greater New Orleans Foundation to do something, anything to help the Gulf...
These are talismanic places for me, where we go to re-charge and gather our forces to continue cooking 10 hour nights, doing what we do in the flaming circus of life we call a kitchen. To consider the destruction of what we hold near and closest to our inspirations; where I first snipped sea beans along the Fourchon beach; where I first discovered the "hang back for beauty" attitudes of beach living as a kid in Pensacola; where I saw signs of post-K restoration one late afternoon during a visit to Grand Isle when we were visited by Magnificent Frigate Birds moths & many months after seeing a huge flock of frigates fly over and leave NOLA in the immediate hours before Hurricane Katrina landed when these giant sea-faring birds counld not escape the winds and wrath of the approaching storm. Seeing the frigate birds again on Grand Isle was like seeing old friends back in your hometown, comfortable, meaningful, a milestone to a life worth living.

This BP disaster is deeply personal, inconsolably full of grief to me and PZB, and all we have is a means to fight back by grasping straws, losing our minds, and trying to encourage everybody to join this cause.

We've rolled out a fundraising plan at The Green Goddess to support the Greater New Orleans Foundation. ...The GNOF passes through their contributions to the BP Oil Spill Fund directly to vital coastal community non-profits, such as SEEDCO -- a fishermen's clearinghouse & resource center in Plaquemines Parish. Listen, this is a small step from a small business run by the "small people" who make up the backbone of NOLA culture, and we are just a small drop in the bucket to alleviate the massive suffering along the Gulf Coast. Nonetheless, I am convinced "every little bit helps," and for my sanity I feel the need to turn all this helpless anxiety, militant hellraising, and pure white hot anger and wretched despair into something useful and positive in intention.

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