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Help for Alec James Adams

Musician Alec James Adams and his partner need help:
We thought we could negotiate for more time. We were wrong. On July 9th, 2010, [our home] Fae Hollow goes up for auction by the foreclosing loan agent. We need $30,000 by July 1st to stop this from happening. This is beyond our means to borrow. What we need is not a rescue but an investment partner. We need to secure the money necessary to stop the auction and someone of good credit who can co-sign or out right buy Fae Hollow in order to put mortgage payments into an affordable perspective.

What we offer in return is part ownership of 30+ acres of magical land. Fae Hollow has an incredible power of magic and healing and we want to protect that. It has always been a wish of ours to share this power with others in the form of workshops and week-end long events but we have never even gotten the mortgage under control, let alone set up the provisions necessary for this to happen.

...We do not want to lose this place of music and magic. We are open to serious business propositions or ideas that could make this happen.

We have a potential plan that could start working as early as late July or August involving the workshops if we could just stop the foreclosure sale.
Contact information at Alec's entry.

Via his Tricky Pixie musical partner s00j. This is deeply time-sensitive.

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