Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Meme, Day 29!

Day 29 - A movie from your childhood
Behind the Green D... kidding. REALLY kidding.

I no longer remember the very first film I saw in the theaters, but there's a good chance Star Wars (during a staggered re-release in 1978) was it. It's likely at least among the first three. Another probably-among-the-first-three was Mary Poppins.

My family didn't have a VCR until 1984 soon after we moved into our house in Vienna, VA, but we'd had HBO in our previous homes. In Camarillo, CA, where we first had cable, I saw The Final Countdown quite a lot. Set on the ship (the U.S.S. Nimitz) that Dad would later serve on, pretending that it was stationed in the Pacific Ocean (it was stationed in Virginia Beach at the time and only later moved to the Pacific), and the film threw science fiction into my dad's job. I was already a budding fan of science fiction and time travel stories, and I ate that film up. Mom and Dad were very careful to keep me from getting into swearing after watching it. They actually appreciate well-used profanity -- they later absolutely loved Deadwood -- but me swearing at that age was a bad, bad idea. I'm still really careful about my swearing.

Oh, and I was also a budding film music fan, and I can STILL hum John Scott's Final Countdown theme. In fact, for a time I could recite the entire very long opening credits sequence, complete with music cues and sound effects. ("Russian trawler." "What's it doing?" "Ain't doing much fishing.")

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
I'm still processing what I think about Lost, even after the grand finale. Also, last week I finally finished my slightly backwards watching of it by reaching the end of Season 5, after I'd already seen Season 6. I hadn't had a chance to watch the fifth season before watching the final season, and certain things clicked into place and (by Lost standards) semi-coherence thanks to that viewing, though I'd understood Season 6 well enough. Still, more stuff! Especially time travel stuff!
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