Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I Was a Consumer Whore For Good

To badly rephrase Yogi Berra, you can find a lot of stuff by looking.

Taking advantage of a day off from work, I ran errands and shopped:

* I dropped off donations at the Inner SE Goodwill, then got a couple shirts, a new-to-me pair of jeans, the third and fourth War Against the Chtorr books by David Gerrold, and a DVD on the making of the symphony based on Howard Shore's music from The Lord of the Rings.

* I next stopped at Grendel's, an East Burnside sandwich and coffee shop I like (local writer-performer David Loftus does readings there each first Monday of the month, which is how I found out about the place) and had a late lunch. Ah, the satisfaction of a good soup-and-sandwich meal, plus a Mayan Hot Chocolate. (Though I'm guessing true Mayan Hot Chocolate would be as hot as chilies...)

* I then braved the construction along East Burnside (re-aligning the diagonal Sandy Boulevard so its intersection with Burnside is no longer so scary and complicated) and got up to Music Millennium. My reason for going there gets its own bullet point...

* I bought a ticket to my first-ever "Weird Al" Yankovic concert! Finally! He'll sing Tuesday, Aug. 3rd at the Roseland Theater in downtown Portland. This'll also be my first time in the Roseland. FINALLY I'll see him. Can I now be sure to not miss my next chance to see Mark Knopfler?

* Also at Music Millennium, I bought a used copy of the DVD of Die Hard -- I try to buy DVDs of films I'm likely to watch more than once, and Die Hard's a damn good candidate for that -- and the CD of James Horner's score, from early in his career, to Brainstorm (1983). Never saw the film, but had heard worthwhile things about the music, and was not expecting to see it for sale so I thought Why not? I'd only ever heard that music before in the trailer for 1990's Darkman. Now I have a fuller music collection. Then I hung out at the library for a bit before heading home, and that concludes the exciting part of this day. For a certain value of "exciting."

So: I spent money at good businesses that deserve patronage. I can keep using my money for good!
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