Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A less vague post

Strange day. Kind of a frustrating day. Worked hard at a particular project at work, then managed to mess up one part of that project that I'll need to redo in the morning. A mess-up I was very very aware could happen, so I tried to be vigilant about it. Which I was. Except for that part of it. ARGH. Oh, well. It's fixable tomorrow. Just needs time. A fair chunk of time.

After work, I went for the second time to a restaurant that's relocated to my office building. I'm glad this was my second experience and not my first, because on the also-frustrating side, I waited a lot longer for service than I should have. No one even gave me a menu; eventually one server asked if I'd gotten one, I said no, and she headed off to -- um, do something that didn't involve getting me a menu. I finally grabbed one from an empty table. By the time I finally asked a different server for help, I asked her the slightly sharp question "What happened?" She understood, but that wasn't really fair of me. It also wasn't fair of the restaurant to leave me waiting like that. Finally my actual server (a third person from the restaurant) got over to me and took my order. To her BIG credit, she apologized by comping my drink. Drink in question was an IPA. Yes, I drank. (Actually was buzzed for a while after that. Friggin' lightweight...) I also left a decently-proportioned tip. I try to be good about tips. I still remember hearing about a fight DJ Don Geronimo and his wife Freda Sorce having when he was unhappy enough with a server to want to leave him a five-cent tip. She got him to bump that to $3.05. (That was in 1989 dollars.)

Stuff on the mind -- not just booze (heh) -- but I don't feel up for sharing more of it. Rest is a better idea. But I have checked in, leaving words to mark my place online... Have a good night. Or at least a manageable one.

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