Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The one time I'll quote Dr. Phil

"You know what's OK? Bragging on yourself sometimes."

Gave gifts to a couple of people. Said gifts arrived in the mail today. Have heard happy words from said people. They are A) liking or B) going to like the gifts.

Also I finished a big work project today. (I scanned thousands and thousands of pages of Certified Payroll. It is exactly as exciting as it sounds.) And warmth GLORIOUS WARMTH FINALLY WARMTH has arrived in Portland. Seriously, it's been high 80s today and yesterday and dry finally and I HAVE BEEN WANTING THIS. The extended March Portland's had for THREE-PLUS MONTHS was making even rain-liking people like me go "Knock it off already!" Plus there's enough of a breeze for this first dose of heat not to be oppressive. A lot of my fellow Portlanders are practiced complainers, however; I've been amused by the grumbling that's replaced the wet-inspired grumbling.

I have a Lamb Jal-Frazie in my belly along with a nice, sweet mango lassi. That'll be both late lunch and early dinner. Something else good!
Tags: portland

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