Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's nice having an active social calendar

Round-round, got around, I got around:

My travels yesterday got me to three cool events and many, many neat people. Saturday, June 26th wound up being an "everything happening that one day" sort of day for us Portland geeks, and I had to think more about scheduling than I usually have to on a weekend.

I made a not-quite-high-speed-pass at Can't Stop the Serenity, the Equality Now fundraiser which the PDX Browncoats held this year at the Clinton Street Theater. I attended the 2007, 2008 and 2009 showings, but yesterday I couldn't fit the full event into my schedule. Instead I went there to give hugs and a donation.

Next was a birthday party a friend and former neighbor had invited me to, and that was the bulk of the second half of my yesterday. Hanging out and eating with happily drinking people in a NE Portland backyard: nice, low-key, funny, and not resulting in an interesting paragraph so I'm going to cut this short. But it was a good time. Trust me on the sunscreen this. :-)

Also a good time? The fundraiser for Trek in the Park! The outdoor play experience that started last summer is coming back: same cast (Atomic Arts), same park in NE Portland (Woodlawn Park), and this time performing the Classic Trek episode Space Seed, the one that introduced Khan. And the troupe and fans, friends and compatriots took over the Good Neighbor Pizzeria a few blocks from Woodlawn Park. I donated a few bucks and shot the breeze with geek power couple Kaebel Hashitani (actually wearing a T-shirt; often he's a suit kind of guy) and Merrick Monroe. We wound up being three-fourths of a trivia team (I didn't get the other guy's name, sorry, dude) and our team won the contest. We went home with posters and T-shirts for this event. I put my shirt on immediately. I wore it proudly.

I also wore it proudly in one more high-speed pass to Can't Stop the Serenity, which by the time I got back to that neighborhood was wrapping up the in-theater festivities (had to clear out for the Clinton's weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show performance) and had moved over to Dot's Café for late food and drink. I didn't see anyone there I recognized, and I was more in the mood to get home, so get home I did.

Tags: firefly/whedon, peregrinations, portland

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