Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Laughs and usefulness

Haircut? Check. Library books returned? Done. Laundry? One load down, one to go. Calling my cousin who’s teaching in Reno? Check. And that was my Friday. Today I left home early to help my friend Michol move stuff from a one-bedroom apartment to a nearby two-bedroom place where she’ll live next month. It took three men – me, her dad, and her friend J.J. – to get her entertainment center to the new place. “Third man’s a charm,” I said. I got lunch out of the deal.

The last out-and-about thing I did today was to go to the Laurelhurst Theatre for Eddie Murphy Raw, his 1987 comedy film. I forgot how good a mimic Murphy is: for the purposes of a joke, he spent two minutes (a long time on stage for a comedian) doing a parody of Bill Cosby. That takes confidence, friends, the confidence you’re not going to lose the audience and get them impatient to hear your material. (He did this while telling how Cosby once criticized him for swearing in his stand-up, but tried not to swear or even use the word “swearing” while doing this and in the process totally confused and angered Murphy. It’s good stuff.) There’s also a fun sketch at the front of the film, of the Murphy family celebrating Thanksgiving in 1968 and young Eddie Murphy telling dick-and-fart jokes to increasingly horrified cousins. Look carefully and you see a 39-year-old Samuel L. Jackson… yes, the man didn’t become a star until he was in his mid-40s…
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